2014 August

New-Archive Individual Frames Option
August 8, 2014



Here is a great tip to  speed up your downloads for oversees users using Archive Individual Frames option.

“My animation studio is based in Spain and I normally download the single archived files, instead of the individual frames due to the size of the files. But, downloading the archived files was taking longer than expected. So, I asked Rendercore support if there was a faster option of downloading my files.” -Carlos

We recommended that it would best to download the individual frames. In Filezilla’s FTP client, there is an option under the “transfers” section where you can change to download up to 10 files a time. But, Carlos mentioned that he exports exr files and their quite large. We recommended that he use the Archive Individual Frames option that is located in the New Job tab, which will compress the individual frames to a manageable size. -Renderc0re Support Team

“Now when I submit my jobs I always select the Archive Individual Frames option which has increased my overall download rate significantly. I also utilize the 10 transfers at a time allowing me to download in sections rather than downloading one large zip file.” -Carlos

Below Rendercore Support Team  has created step-by-step instructions on how to use the archive option.


How to Fix a Network Storage Path Error
August 7, 2014


Rendercore Support Team recommends that all our users change their files to relative paths, but we understand that there are times were the files are stored through a shared network.  Daniel is one of users that requires that he keep his shared network paths intact.

“I had an issue with my shots not being able to locate my textures and cache files on the render farm.  My files are stored on a shared network which are used by several other animators. I then contacted support to see what I could do to solve the problem.” -Daniel

Rendercore Support Team let Daniel know that he would to need mimic his file structure including the name of  his fileserver and the shared folder name on his ftp account in order for his files to load properly on our system.

“I first logged into ftp.rendercore.com using my id and password from the website, I then created the directories mimicking the same folder structure as my server, shared folder, and sub-folders.  Then I proceeded to uploaded my files to each appropriate folder. Now with my mirrored pipeline I’m able to submit multiple jobs without any problems.’’- Daniel

Rendercore Support team  has created step-by-step instructions on how to mimic your network storage paths on your ftp account.