2014 December

Rendercore Lab Now Supports An(i)ma 1.7 for 3dmsax!
December 4, 2014

Rendercore Lab now supports An(i)ma 1.7 for 3dmsax 2015. Older version of  An(i)ma are also supported.

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Free Testing

Try our Free Testing feature. There is a limit of 5 test frames per scene. Click here to view an example on how to how to submit your jobs.

Rendercore Lab Now Supports V-Ray 3.00.01 for Maya!
December 4, 2014


Rendercore now supports V-Ray 3.00.01 for Maya 2015 64-bit. Older versions of V-Ray for Maya are also supported.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few posts that are helpful for Maya users.

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