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How to Fix a Network Storage Path Error | Rendercore

How to Fix a Network Storage Path Error


Rendercore Support Team recommends that all our users change their files to relative paths, but we understand that there are times were the files are stored through a shared network.  Daniel is one of users that requires that he keep his shared network paths intact.

“I had an issue with my shots not being able to locate my textures and cache files on the render farm.  My files are stored on a shared network which are used by several other animators. I then contacted support to see what I could do to solve the problem.” -Daniel

Rendercore Support Team let Daniel know that he would to need mimic his file structure including the name of  his fileserver and the shared folder name on his ftp account in order for his files to load properly on our system.

“I first logged into ftp.rendercore.com using my id and password from the website, I then created the directories mimicking the same folder structure as my server, shared folder, and sub-folders.  Then I proceeded to uploaded my files to each appropriate folder. Now with my mirrored pipeline I’m able to submit multiple jobs without any problems.’’- Daniel

Rendercore Support team  has created step-by-step instructions on how to mimic your network storage paths on your ftp account.

\\Fileserver Name\Shared Folder Name

The user id and password is the same as the website.

1. First, log into your ftp account, the ftp site is ftp.rendercore.com.


2. Under the Remote site area, right-click and select Create directory.

The path that I have set on my end is

\\Fileserver\Root Project

3. Once you mimicked the path, click Ok.


4. Your folder structure has been created in the remote site area.


5. Now you are able to mimic your project with all the sub-folders exactly how their set up on your end.


Please email us at support@rendercore.com your user id with your fileserver name and shared folder name before submitting your first job.