Need help with quote?
January 15, 2013

We has a cost estimator on our website to assist on a providing a rough quote. All you need for a rough quote using our cost estimator you would the number of frames that you need rendered, number of cores on your machine, and the average render time per frame on your end.

Generate an estimate.

View a cost estimate example.

For a more accurate estimate, you can submit a free test on our website. View a test example.


Economy Rendering Now Offered!
January 15, 2013

Economy rendering is perfect for users that have a tight budget and flexible turn around times. The economy price is $.20 per core hour. It’s a 50% discount from our standard pricing option. With the economy there will be a wait time, jobs with standard pricing will have priority. Contact us to check on the availability of the farm.

Authorized Chaos Group V-Ray Renderfarm
December 19, 2012

Rendercore Lab is the 1st Authorized V-Ray for 3ds Max & Maya  Render farm in the United States.  

V-Ray 2.30.01 is supported for 3ds Max.

V-Ray 2.30.01 is supported for Maya.