Rendercore Lab Introduces Our Syncing Seamless Plug-In!
September 27, 2017

The Rendercore Seamless Plug-In syncs your rendered files.

Download Plug-in
[Windows] [MacOS]

Once you download click Next for the 3 following options, then click install.

Launch the plug-in, log in using your username and password that you used to create an account on the website. In the Setting page, you can adjust the amount of files transfered. Under Save Directory just click the orange button to change your destination path. Select the green button to open the folder with your download frames.

The transfer page, will show the list of the files transferred. You can also select to re-download the completed frames.

For additional information on the plug-in, click here.

Rendercore Lab Introduces Our Web Upload File Browser!
September 27, 2017

Now you can upload your files directly to our website.  You can still upload your files to our ftp site, Review our job submission manuals for examples on how to upload your files for your specific software.

View Job Submission Manuals

Once you log in select File Browser tab. Click Create Folder button, to create a your project folder.

Click the Upload button to upload files.

You will have the option the upload files to the current path or create a custom path.

Also, you have the option to just drag and drop the files to the box. Or you click select files from your computer.

Rendercore Lab Now Supports V-Ray 3.6 for Maya 2018!
September 22, 2017

We support V-Ray 3.60.01 for Maya 2014-2018.  Older versions of V-Ray  are also supported. With our new price cuts of 30% on our On-Demand rendering, now you can use the same rendering speed at a lower price. The premium (high priority) pricing option is now $.25/per core hour and economy (low priority) pricing option is now $.15/per core hour. View Pricing Try our new pricing with our easy and quick automated cloud computing job management system today.